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HandyCarpet is the answer to your keeping-home-clean dreams. It is easy to wash in a washing machine by small parts. It easy to dry and to store. No problem to carry and transport. It is the best in changing size from small to huge (optional size). It allows to combine colors or to stay monochromatic. It is easy to fix and to move.

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HandyCarpet is the most advanced and easy to operate carpet ever made. After you bring it home and fix it in a playroom or babyroom, you can be sure your child is safe. It has silicon anti-slip base and keeps on the surface of the floor fixedly. And it is always clean, free of dust mites, because you can easily wash it in your washing machine immediately after it got stained.


Need to move your HandyCarpet? Easy! Divide it into parts and roll it in a minute. It takes up little space to be stored. It weighs a little to be transported - 1 piece is less than 1 kilo. Fix it back after moving. This also takes little time. Is your HandyCarpet dirty? Again divide it into pieces and wash the whole carpet partly or only the dirty one.

Suitable for any room size

Did you buy HandyCarpet for a small baby room and now wish to more it to spacious one? It is not a problem. Just get some more parts and make the bigger HandyCarpet. And vice versa, make your carpet smaller if you need.


Also if one of the parts of HandyCarpet is damaged, all you need to do is to bye one part and to change the old one.

Multicolored and monophonic

Now you decide if your carpet will be monophonic or 2 or 3 colors and even more. You can make it squared or change it into striped. 2 colors are avaliable at the moment. And more in the nearest future.


One piece of HandyCarpet is 80 x 80 cm.
The smallest HandyCarpet is 160 x 160 cm, i.e. square made of 4 pieces.

There are no restrictions on the area of the largest carpet.

And any size you want!

Make it huge! Make it small! Make it rectangle or square! Now you set rules not seller.

You can contact us athandycarpets@gmail.com

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